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Flying In a Super Decathlon Featured In The Wings Over Washington Airshow

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PASCO, Wash.-- Wings Over Washington is getting ready to WOW the crowd, as jets make their last runs before the big show.

One of many attractions are the Canadian Snowbirds.

"We definitely design the show right from scratch every year, how we're going to start it and how we're going to end it," Steve Thompson, Snowbird Team Coordinator.

With nine jets in the air choreographed to music, pilots say picking out 25 tracks can be challenging.

"In fact we just changed three songs last week, because the guys are like, I'm sick of hearing that song, let's change it," said Thompson.

Also flying with the snowbirds, is one F-15 jet, and a couple of A-10's. Also an A-1 Sky Raider, an aircraft dating back to post World War II era.

Last but not least is the Super Decathlon, an aerobatic plane a KNDU reporter was lucky enough to fly in.

"I actually fly the routine pulling all those G's that you felt while you were up there flying, and I'm going to sing the national anthem at the same time," said Will Allen, Super Decathlon pilot.

Before departure the pilot and pass anger are both strapped to a parachute, in case of an emergency. A few of the tricks include loops and hammers.

"We were about 3,500 feet off the ground most of the time," said Allen.

Allen says our altitude was a lot higher than the actual show.

"When I have a passenger we need to be up high, and make sure everything is nice and safe," said Allen.

And it's that way, we made it back to the ground.