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Can Telemarketers get Your Cell Phone Number?

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Are telemarketers allowed legal access to your cell phone? KNDU spoke to the Federal Trade Commission to see if cell phone numbers have been or are going to be released to telemarketers.

There are ways companies can get your cell phone number, but they're not going to be released to telemarketers anytime soon. 

If you've received e-mails saying you should put your cell phone on the do not call list delete it. These e-mails have been going around for three years and they are not true.

They've sent me texts wanting me to buy stuff from them, you know at all hours of the night," said Brian Coleman, who dislikes telemarketers.

The FTC says, despite re-circulating e-mails it is still not necessary to put your cell phone on the national do not call list.

"The primary piece of information that's not correct is that telemarketers are going to get your cell phone numbers and start calling you at a certain date," said Mitchell Katz, Federal Trade Commission.

FCC rules say companies cannot use an automated dialer to call a cell phone. That makes telemarketing through cell phones difficult.

"99% of all telemarketers use auto dialers because they are more efficient so if your going to go one-by-one technically you may be able to call consumers on their cell phones but in general that's not allowed under FCC rules," said Katz.

The only possiblity of your cell phone number being released in the future is through a wireless 4-1-1 directory, but even if this is established most telemarketing calls to cell phones would still be illegal.