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Union Gap Neighbors May Get Access to City Water

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UNION GAP, WASH. -- Wednesday night's gubernatorial debate in Yakima sparked a new buzz for several people in Union Gap. They're talking about improving water conditions.

Most Union Gap residents get their water from wells. That water has a higher concentration of minerals.

Over 300 houses near Ahtanum between 3rd and 8th Avenues still use underground wells as their source of water.

One nighbor showed says the minerals leave a residue on her gate after she uses her sprinklers. and another says it gets on her sink, bath tub and even her clothes. For many homeowners, those minerals are becoming a problem.

"When you pour it sometimes there's a smell to it, and it's not very good." Said Jessica Raymond.

Carolyn McKenzie says the minerals are so strong that she uses razor blades to scrape off them off her sink. She says city water would be cleaner.

McKenzie has used the well for over 20 years because city water has never been available.

People living in Union Gap are now hoping that could change over the next few years.

The problem is the area doesn't have main breaks to connect the houses to the city's water lines. The Valley Mall Road expansion is adding new mainlines, and the city is starting to discuss what could be done.

Funding is the main concern. So, the city is looking into grants, loans and other options.

For more information, you can contact the city's public works.