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West Nile Virus Danger Season Winding Down

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YAKIMA--A Yakima woman is recovering from West Nile Virus.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say she's the first human case of West Nile that was definitely contracted in Yakima County.

Health officials say late summer and early fall is actually the peak time for West Nile cases.  As the weather cools down, the dangerous season ends.  This woman's symptons began in August.  It took some time for the C.D.C. to confirm she did have West Nile.  Fortunately, she caught the less severe form of the virus. 

Yakima County's consistently warm weather can keep the risk of West Nile around long after the dog--or mosquito--days of summer.

"We could [still] have warmer weather," Marianne Patnode, Communicable Disease
Coordinator for Yakima Health District, said.  "As far as the temperatures, if the temperatures start dipping down to freezing, then the risk will certainly be minimized."

Patnode says the first frost will mark the end of West Nile season.  Until then, try to prevent standing pools of water where mosquitoes can breed.  You should still try to stay indoors at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active, and wear clothes that cover up your arms and legs.