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Benton P.U.D. Helping Dispose Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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KENNEWICK, Wash--  A consumer alert tonight about compact fluorescent light bulbs.  They contain small amounts of mercury, making them a hazard to throw away.  But there's a new place you can take them.

The light bulbs light up people's eyes when they hear how long they last; it can be upwards of 10 years.  But eventually they have to go.  And in an effort to prevent hazardous waste from reaching landfills, the Benton P.U.D. has set up a drop-box for disposal.

All you need to do is head to the P.U.D. when it's open and drop it off.  It's that simple.  And with the growing popularity of these lightbulbs, every drop off helps the environment that much more.

"We are promoting the use of these energy efficient lightbulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs," says Karen Miller, manager of communication for Benton P.U.D.  "And so because they have just a minute amount of mercury in them we want them to be disposed properly and we're giving our customers an easy way to take care of that."

So just how much mercury do they have?  Karen says roughly one-fifth the amount of a  watch battery.

The P.U.D. isn't the only place offering disposal; Home Depot is as well.  KNDU News spoke with Home Depot and they say people are responding to their efforts.