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Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Linked to Bad Economy

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- Doctors at Lourdes Counseling Center in Richland, say financial struggles can always be a source for stress, anxiety and depression.

Even more so now, that the economy is so unstable. Doctors say right now the big stressors include the stock market, retirement money, and mortgage payments.

They say by trying to cut down on expenses, many people are also not taking care of their health properly. This means people aren't taking the medicines they need.

Doctors say this kind of behavior can backfire and make things worse.

"What really hurts the economy is when people don't go to work or they take all their money out and don't do anything with it, you don't want to get into that bunker mentality there," said Dr. Benjamin Pe, with Lourdes Counseling Center.

Dr. Pe says many people feel a sense of hopelessness about the current economic situation. Stress, anxiety and depression can also trickle down to other family members.

Doctors say it's important to try to stay positive on a daily basis, and have a sense of predictability for your own finances looking ahead to the upcoming months.