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KNDU Asks Who You are Voting For: McCain or Obama

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KNDU talked to people in our area to see if they've made up their minds about which candidate they're going to vote for.

A quick poll of about 20 people found that most say they are for McCain, but several students at Columbia Basin College say they are for Obama.

Many who are still undecided had their last chance to see the two candidates debate on Wednesday.

Nationally, the polls show Obama is ahead of McCain, but here in the Tri-Cities most people we talked to say their vote will go for McCain.

"I'm voting for John McCain because I feel between the two candidates, he's more qualified and I trust him more than I trust Barack Obama," said Aaron Derek, who is voting for McCain.

Still some people don't know who they are going to vote for, but say it's not because they don't care.

"Really I'm undecided to be honest with you. I could go either way but to be honest with you I don't like either one of them," said Scott Zodwin, who is undecided.

Many students at CBC say they like the change Barack Obama promises.

"I voting for Barack Obama, because he would not force us to have to go into the military and go overseas and have to fight and he wouldn't make us have to go for a draft pick I know he wouldn't," said Michael Chilson, whose voting for Obama.