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Columbia Basin College Professor Offers Hybrid Workshop

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PASCO, Wash.--Have you ever thought about buying a hybrid car?

An autobody technology professor at Columbia Basin College held a hybrid workshop to educate people Wednesday night.

There are pros and cons in owning one, Rhody Hayes says.

Some people are looking for the best gas mileage.

Others pay the extra $3-8,000 dollars because the hybrids produce cleaner emissions.

As much as hybrid technology is intriguing to consumers, it creates headaches for mechanics.

But experts say what really matters is the driver's behavior.

"If you take a hybrid car and you drive it properly, you can probably get at least 20 to 30 to 40 percent above what's stated on the sticker as far as fuel mileage," says professor Hayes>

Professor Hayes says hybrids also have an 'auto-stop' feature.

So, if the car is in idle at a stop sign, it's not burning any gas.

If you missed out on Wednesday's workshop, call Columbia Basin College to see when the next hybrid lesson is.