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The Race for Franklin County Commissioner District 1 Continues

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - The redistricting of Franklin County is playing a role in another race for Franklin County Commissioner, this one in district one between incumbent Neva Corkrum and candidate Brad Peck.

"Really it should be a non-issue.  It's never been controversial before," said Corkrum. 

Peck disagrees.  "People who are in those districts deserve to be fairly and equally represented.  The person who is County Commissioner in district 3 is trying to serve 40,000 people, while the other two are only serving 14,000 each," said Peck.

And while Corkrum feels redistricting shouldn't be done on an election year, Peck says it's the election that makes re-districting so important.  "When you have very small districts and they're held very closely, it eliminates many people who might like to run for that position.  And so when you keep those districts very small, you're disenfranchising potential candidates."

Corkrum says the law doesn't require changing the districts until the upcoming census.  "They get a chance to cast their vote one way or another so no one is really left out."

Also on the minds of voters is who has the experience and fresh ideas. 

Peck served in the Air Force for 21 years and is now the Assistant to the CEO at Energy Northwest.  "Having lived in multiple states and communities in different countries gives me a breadth of experience and prospective in things that I've seen that our community can benefit from," said Peck.

Corkrum is in her 20th year as commissioner and, if elected, will serve her sixth term in office.  "If I and Mr. Koch are defeated, you're going to have one commissioner with 2 years of experience, and I'm here to tell you, that's not enough," said Corkrum.

Both candidates agree the proposed bridge to connect Kennewick and Pasco at Edison Street and Road 68 is a bad idea.  They prefer building a bridge at State Route 397 from Pasco to Kennewick allowing truckers to go through Finely to I-82.