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Illegal Street Racing On Some Areas in Richland

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- Many young people are feeling the need for speed and hitting the roads in Richland.

"According to the caller there was a street race going on, which in that area is not an uncommon event," said Captain Mike Cobb, with the Richland Police Department.

The area is on Kingsgate Way near Horn Rapids Road. On Friday night police say there were 75 to 100 cars involved in illegal street racing.

Most drivers between the ages of 17 and 25.

"You can imagine when you get a bunch of teenagers who have no idea what they're doing, and a bunch of people lining the roadway, how hazardous that could be," said Cobb.

21-year-old Jacob Abken was arrested after trying to drive away from police.

"It's an extremely hazardous event," said Cobb.

We talked to a few people in this age group, to get some feedback.

"It's definitely not safe but I just think kids like to get together and show their cars off," said Cameron Johnson, a student at WSU Tri-Cities.

"It should just be in a spot where it's controlled, they shouldn't be doing it on the street anywhere," said Chris Armer, a student at WSU Tri-Cities.

"Some people may think it's really cool, but it just seems really dangerous and stupid to me," said Hannah Jenkins, a student at WSU Tri-Cities.

"It's wrong, it should be illegal," said Nicole Rhoads, a student at WSU Tri-Cities.

"They're going very very fast, and it get icy out here sometimes, and things can go wrong, even when they don't see what can," said Emily Hart, a student at WSU Tri-Cities.

Police say the typical street racing cars are Hondas or Acuras, hitting speeds of 120 to 140 miles per hour. But street racing at any speed is illegal.

"If you and I have two cars, and you say ok first one to 35mph wins, that is a comparison of speed, that is what they call a case of reckless driving," said Cobb.