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Young Voters Use Facebook and MySpace To Learn About Presidential Candidates

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Facebook and MySpace are no longer just a place for friends. They're a place for politics, with candidates and running mates just a click away.

"When you go on to log on to MySpace there's a like a little McCain, Obama box, that shows up sometimes and then on Facebook I've had people send me gifts, like a McCain pin or an Obama pin," said Claire Mourar, student at WSU Tri-Cities.

Many say the sites are helping young voters get involved.

"I've gone on my space voting page and they usually have a pretty good description about the candidates and what the issues were," said Karin Keillor, student at WSU Tri-Cities.

"New voters are actually more involved than they've ever been in an election before," said Mary Matsen, student at WSU Tri-Cities.

"It's really easy access I guess, if you just click in John McCain or Barack Obama, you can find out what their platform is," said Zach Woffinden, student at WSU Tri-Cities.

But some say it's all about a popularity contest, and the sites won't make a difference this November.

"If they really want to be informed about the issues that are out there,not seek other teenagers' information on Myspace," said Stuart Stopoulos, student at WSU Tri-Cities.

McCcain and Obama supporters for both parties aren't the only ones blogging. Facebook groups like "1 Million Strong Against John McCain" and "Defend America, Vote against Obama", show freedom of expression at its finest.

"Just in general negative groups I don't really like," said Keillor.

"I don't think we should rally around the negative cause," said Mourar.