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Lower Gas Prices Not Low Enough For Some Drivers

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KENNEWICK, Wash--  Have we really gone from it being a pain at the pump to peace at the pump?  That's debatable, but the message is becoming clearer and clearer: prices are looking better by the day.

"It's a big difference and it all adds up," says one driver.

"Now we get more for our dollar than we did a few weeks ago," adds one driver.

AAA estimates the cost of a gallon in the Tri-Cities has dropped a nickel overnight, and now sits at $2.82; some $0.90 cheaper than a month ago.

We thought we'd find people excited to fill up their car at Albertson's gas station in Kennewick, but many were just putting enough to get through the day.

"Lately i just put $5 in at a time, just to get me from A to B," says one driver.

Which is surprising, considering consumers can't be sure what tomorrow's price will be.

"Exciting to have it down, but a little apprehensive because you really don't know if it's going to come up again," adds another driver.

We did the math for you to find out how much these lower prices help your wallet.
Say on average you fill up 25 gallons a month.   At last month's average of $3.71, that means you spent roughly $90.  Compare that to the current average, and you save over $20 a month, which over the course of one year adds up to $267.  That's good news for drivers, but don't expect that money to last.

"Where's the extra money going? More gas basically," says one driver.