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Your Vote. Your Voice.

We would like to hear your opinions on this year's elections and give you a chance to see what others have to say as well.  Below are some sample questions you can reference or just say what is on your mind by commenting at the bottom of this page.

1. Did you vote straight down party lines?

2. Who did you vote for?

3. What was the most important issue that influenced your vote?

4. Did you switch your vote from 2004 to 2008 in the Governor's race?

5. When did you decide your choice for President?

6. When did you vote?  If you didn't vote, why?




Why do people in the Pacific time zone even bother to vote? We learned the fate of our country just when our polls were closing-hardly enough time for our votes to be counted. I feel that the electoral college should be eliminated and the winner should be decided by the popular vote. That way everyone's vote would count.

Gary Johnson

The Heart of Lincoln. The Soul of King. The Passion of Kennedy. The Voice of the People. This election of 2008, for the first time proved that any person, man or woman of any color can become the leader of the United States of America.


I voted for Obama, because he "inspires hope" for the future of our country and our children. I watched him grow through out this campaign and now I am willing to put my trust in him to bring this country together. This is a man who will be speaking with leaders from around the world representing the United States. I believe he will treat them with respect and promote peace and show them that we are a country with "good" intentions and not the greedy monstors they believe us to be.

Jeromy Nygaard

It's amazing that we are taught to vote, yet our votes didn't count! I know of about 300 votes just from friends that were mailed yesterday...they weren't counted! How many others are out there that didn't make a difference? The whole electorial college thing is a joke, when is that the people's voice is gonna be heard again? When do we get to make the choice?


congratulations to all you liberal democrats out there who don't fully understand what the military actually does in Iraq and Afghanistan. congratulations to our first radical president and to all who are about to follow him down a path of unritiousnes. I hope you all didn't vote for the Obamination because it was the chic thing to do this election. I must admit being a black candidate did have its advantages for Mr. Obama. Perhaps next election a gay man or a lesbian can run and we would all vote for him/her because it was cutting edge and trendy.

not telling

With Obama in the White House, America is doomed! I smell alot of trouble and I see alot of hard times for America. Obama is for socilism and we're definately in the Last days for sure. I don't feel safe with Obama in the White House. I had faith in America but since Bush has been in the White House, he kind of deolished that hope. I was hoping for McCain.  
Canada never looked so good now! I don't think the economy is going to get any better and we're heading for another depression now that Obama is in! God help us all!

claudia T.

this goes to P, Golemon. 
I dont think Obama will do us the same as Bush did for so long!!! I think he really does want to make a difference in the united states. It really would have sucked if McCain would have won, Now he would be like Bush or worst!! You white people need to stop being so racist to blacks. Now YOU just sit and wait how our economy and everything else is Going to get better.

P. Golemon

I feel as if Karl Marx is alive and well with the Socialist Democratic government now taking control of the United States. Hang on people and don't complain when you realize how really bad things are getting. Less than 1 year from now you will be SO SORRY your vote went to Obama; a man who really hates you (if you are white) and this country. The funniest thing is that racism is alive and well in the BLACK community. Good luck.


Hi, I voted for Obama. I listened to the debates and read everything that both sides had to say about ALL of the different issues and believe that Obama had solid ideas for change. Change is what we need!  
As I was reading down different comments about why and who people voted for, I am still amazed that people are making choices about who the president should be solely based on whether or not they believe in abortion or gay marriage. That is just ridiculous! It is great if you are christian and you hold those beliefs, but it is not your place to judge anyone who believes different. Do you not realize we live in America?


I can't help but think about a Sci-Fi movie where the statement, "to serve man" was key. 
I'm concerned that the world will find out that the United States artificially sunk their economies to elect a president. 
And finally, I'm discouraged that not a single debate moderator or interviewer had the nerve to discuss imigration in the United States; probably the single biggest problem we face. I suspect I know why.


Hail to the new Tyrant. Only in amerika can a anti american win the presidency. He told us about the trillion dollars of new government spending,and working with terroist and raising taxes. Democracy is dead!! hail to the new socialistic amerika. Shun the vets who have served for this country for it is in vein that they have served and fought for our freedom in which with an uneducated vote we have stabbed our vets in the back.

Disa Duncan

I voted for McCain. Why? How could you not vote for a Man who supports the military like he does? I believe in my right to bear arms, we now have a house/senate that the majority is Democrate, what assurance do we have that Obama won't try and take our rights? now, its just sit and wait and see how messy he makes our country.


  1. No, I did not vote straight down party lines. 
    2. I voted for the Libertarian candidate for president. Even if the country has been led to believe there are only two political parties, and while everyone can vote how they want to, I was surprised when doing my own research to discover how much I agree with the Libertarian Party's platform. Some people may say I'm just throwing my vote away, but I don't feel like I am. I think we're supposed to vote for who we think will do the best job, and that's what I did. 
    3. The issue that most influenced my vote? Liberty, along with the government's role in its citizens' lives (supporting liberty means the government has less control over its citizens). 
    4. Because of the "top two" primary system Washington State now has, I had to change my gubernatorial vote in the 2008 election from the 2004 election. 
    5. I decided my vote for president four years ago. 
    6. I voted a few weeks ago.


It is now 8:15 PM, and we have a new president. BUT WHAT ABOUT OUR STATE ELECTIONS? We, on the west coast, always get overcome by the national results. Give us a break - and some information. God bless America - We're going to need it.

Geri Andreas

You need to read what I said... 
"Won't put his hand over his heart at the singing of the National Anthem" 

T. Jennings

I would like to see future campaigns where the candidates can only air adds about what they are going to do or have done. This campaign was too much about one candidate tearing down the other. I want the candidate to tell us how they will resolve the difficult issues that face our country or our state.


It is now 7:58 and they have just declared Obama the President. OUR votes on the west coast don't even count. Why should we bother to vote?


I tend to vote down the party lines but it really depends on who is running. I voted for McCain because I think he can do a much better job then Obama. He's more experienced. Plus his take on abortion and the war are right about what I believe. Which were the most important issues to me this time around. I have never switched my vote for gov, I've always wanted Rossi and Im hoping this year, people are finally seeing we need a change! My husband and I didnt decide who to vote for till Oct 30. Partly cause we didnt do the research till then and partly cause you cant always trust what you see on the tv. The ads attack the other person and its getting silly. Its also when we put our vote in. I tend to be uninformed on matters of politics but this year, all around the US and even the world is getting involved alot more so I decided that I really need to read up on them and make a decision on who I thought would be best knowing its very possible that they wont win. All I can do is hope that whoever wins, God has a plan!



Melisa A

I am proud to be an American! No I didn't vote stright down the line because we are lucky to be able to choose who we want in this country to lead us foward. McCain all the way! His experiance in the government already. Who cares that he was working with the Bush adminastation. He knows what needs to be done and will do it! Medical is another thing that worries me as a parent if Obama has his way we will all have to wait for hours just to be seen by doctors. I made my choice before the primaries. No i didn't but I did this time and it was for Rossi all the way. I vote today and I am glad I waited so I was sure of my choices.


  1. No I did not vote in the primary. 
    2. Obama, Just because he hasn't had the experience in office doesn't mean that he doesn't know and understand what is happening with the people of the United States or how to handle snd fix the problems.. It usually takes fresh eyes to look at what is going on to figure out ways to repair the damage instead of one that has always looked at the problem and avoided the issue or made it worse and for mcaine to have a comedian as a vice president only shows that he has a sense of humor but thats about it. 
    3. the economy and how it is effecting my family and friends. 
    4. I didn't vote in the last election cause I didn't want either party. 
    5. during primary 
    6. today after school


Being a young voter I am proud to say that I voted for McCain, which is someone who the younger generation wouldnt be more willing to have in office simply because of his age. I believe Barack Obama is more appealing to the younger generation because younger people are more willing to accept change. I, on the other hand, am not. I believe that Obama does not have the experience that our country needs to get out of this economic recession or to get our troops out of Iraq. McCain has experience with not only being a military vet but also he has more experience with Foreign Affairs. The bottom line is that McCain has more experience and I believe he knows what needs to be done in the white house! McCain/Palin 08!!!


Judy Mc

I've never voted in a Presidential race where I had to decide between radical inexperience and old-school conservatism, and had the choice depend instead on who would become the VICE-President of America! I wonder if anyone else shares my thoughts that a McCain/Biden ticket would have been much more balanced and appealing! When McCain announced his VP running mate, I said, "There goes any chance he had. What a mistake." I definitely feel that EACH ticket had the burden of inexperience weighing it down.


Geri Andreas -  
You have it all wrong about Obama. I am not a fan of his but you should do your homework before assuming. Check out You will see that Obama is not against the National Anthem


I hope that our citizens have not forgot to think for themselves! It was frightening to hear comments from voters regarding how they made their choices, eluding to the fact that the media did all the research for them, or even better, they voted for someone simply because he was the first of his kind to run (racially). Huh? Aren't we a society based on higher education? Have we forgotten to teach how to critically think?


The election will be over, the results will be known...the will of the people will soon be shown...let's forget are differences as we have in the past...I'll hug your Elephant if you'll kiss my azz


Kabul Hussein

As an educated American Muslim, I voted for Mr. Obama as I feel he will bring all the people in this country together for good. He has supported all relegions, especially American and Mideastern Muslims. Hopefully he will help those who are against my relegion to understand its importance in the world and in each of our lives and how Mohammed should be the one to believe in. Thank you.

J. Wade

It's a shame that are younger generation and some of the older onen rely on the media to do there thinking for them. When i asked them if they would vote for someone who associated with known radicals and terrorist they said no. When i asked if they knew who Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Rashid Khalidi were they said no. When i advised them that Obama hade associated with for the past 20 years they said so. When I advised them they were the radicals and terrorist I was talking about they called me a liar. I told them to check for themselves. They just laughed. What a waste of are younger generation and some of are older ones not to take the time to learn the truth and take pride in America. God Bless America and Heaven Help Us


I dont think obama should win beacause he wants to take away our hand gun rights away which is going to make it so we cant protect our selves and make more violence


I voted very early (a little less than 2 weeks ago). But, I did not vote down one party's line. After reading today's news, I see an edge for waiting to the last minute. Although I voted for Larry Haler, had I voted for Welch I think I would have regretted my decision. I agree with Donaldson -- too much money was spent and the campaigning went on too long! Obama will be best for America. But, I wonder which candidate would be the best governor for the Tri-Cities. I believe in high expectations for our children, but I believe that the WASL does far more damage (financially, academically, motivationally) than good.

T. Bold

I made my mind up this past spring that I was going to be voting for B. Obama for President, just hoping at the time that he would get the nomination over Hillary. Eight years ago, if McCain had been lucky-enough to have defeated Bush in the Primaries back then, I would have been reasonably comfortable with either Gore or McCain, as President...... Today however, he is just not the same candidate anymore, after so many years of standing alongside so many of Bush's policies....... That really showed tremendously, when he picked the female version of a "Dan Quayle" to be his running-mate this past summer! What an Air-Head! Women aren't so stupid as to vote for him, just because he selected a woman as his running-mate! It didn't work for Mondale, & it's not going to work for him, either! Obama was right when he talked about "Judgement" trumphing "Experience" anyday. I was hoping that he would select J. Biden, of all the people he had to choose from, & he did exactly that! I knew that with the bitter battle that Hillary waged against Obama, that there was no way that the two of them would work-out, as running-mates. Republicans would have too much "ammunition" to use against them. 
Certainly the two wars we're fighting in the Middle-East have alot to do with my choice between the two candidates...... But after 8 years of Bush, waisting so much money on the Middle-East over all these years, & then the disaster that Wall Street's in now,that was even more of a reason to vote for Obama now. All that seems to be on McCain's mind anymore is war...... ("Fight with me! Fight with me! Fight with me!"). 
T. Bold

Yevgeniy Sherepitko

Wake up America, 
come on, 
aren't you tired of the same OLD  
President,Who white and old(No OFFENSE)  
Make a change in THIS America,Give some one else 
a chance.PLUS,A lot of people think that George BUSH, 
is wrong because he PLAN 9/11,Well,for that people, 
Micane is vary similar to him,Look,I am RUSSIAN, 
And he hates Russian's,
I advice you to VOTE for Obama,Because He GOT 
the GUTS going up there,Knowing that he might get SHOT. 
And i Respect that,and AS SHOULD YOU! 


This election is more than any other time in history in my opinion is about more than one person as the president of the USA, granted the greatest office held in the world, but lets try and remember this economic mess that we are in is the blame of more than just the president. Now we need someone to help rally us all around fixing it. I don't care what your financial status or what office you hold we are ALL TO BLAME. So who is the best to help lead us all into fixing it??? 
I am not going to say whom I voted for. I just kept the above in mind when I did


My husband and I looked the ballot over very carefully. Between the Presidential election and the huge issues for Washington Governer. However we couldn't find a slot that said "non of the above" We decided that we had to really look at history. Our choices came down to needed new ideas in both offices. We checked Obama and Rossi. We hope we voted the right people for the jobs ahead


I don't understand the tearm change the candidate do not seem to give a specific of what they mean by change what are there proposals for change please give us a example what there intentions the president can't do this alone they need help from the senate and the house of resp clause


I voted for McCain and most of the republicans on the ticket. I was born in Havana,Cuba and came to this great Nation at the age of 20. It was very dangerous to live under "Socialism", not what it appears to be. Obama scares me! God Bless America

Jim J

  1. No, I never have. Both side have good and bad points. I don't think voting straight down a party line is correct for the direction of our Great Country. 
    2. Obama, I don't think 4 more years of a Bush type of administration is good for us. Rossi, because Gregoire really hasn't accomplished enough for the east side of the state. 
    3. The current administration. 
    4. No, Gregoire didn't get my vote then either. 
    5. Just before I marked my ballot. About 1 week ago. 
    6. When did you vote? If you didn't vote, why?

Lester Foster

It's really too bad that people are voting for a candidate to make history. What should matter most is what's between his ears versus the color of his skin

Amy H.

My family and I are strong supporters of Barack Obama. Choosing him for our President was something that did not affect any of the generations in my family. Young and old, we all support him and are ready for positive change in our country.


I voted for Mcain because I do not believe Obama has enough experience in politics yet. This was the first time I could vote since turning 18.

Tabitha G.

We might not have as many problems in this country if the candidates put as much effort in the office as they did getting there.

Larry C

I voted for McCain. I am a christian man. I Don't believe in abortion or same sex marriage. If Obama is president all this will be legal. He was NOT born in USA. We will be in trouble if Obama is Pres


I voted for the person that I thought would be beneficial to our country, we are in trying times and things could get worse. Why would we want a president that has never been to war when we are in war and why would we vote for a president that will not say the alligence. What else of the american history and respects to the country does he think he needs to avoid?

Mike L.

8 years ago I voted for former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura because I didn't care for whowas running. The 4 years later I voted for someone I thought was the lesser of 2 evils ,boy was I wrong. 
So this year I went back to my choice from 8 years ago so I did a write in vote again for Jesse Ventura.Hopefully he will run in 2012 if they allow independents in the debates.

S Pardini

I think everyone is tired of the early Campaigning, I think alot of people have to quit going by what was said by the other party, My Father was in the Union's all his life. My husband and I were also in the Unions,we have been Democrat all our lives, I am tired of paying higher taxes than the rich!So I guess you can see who I voted for, this is one Election I will never forget,and also there is the highest turn out this Election than any other!

Anton Grambihler

This whole election was a scam. The best candidates were marginalized or excluded from the debates!

Ron S

The most important issue in deciding the presidential candidte is patriotism. Barack Obama is not loyal to the country. I have seen pictures and video of him not saying the Pledge of Allegiance or respecting the national anthem. Beyond any other issue, how can you vote for a president who will not pledge allegiance to the falg that represents our country? I do believe he is one of the greatest speakers of this generation, but therin lies the problem. He is selling a story to people who want to hear something different, although he will not come through with any of this. How is he going to pay for his promises? Even yesterday he admiteed that he would not get to everything, ut would at least discuss everything in his first term. Change WILL come if he is elected, and it will take the country twenty years to fix it.

Ken Barnes

Why is it every candidate say they are going to lead a clean campaign, Yet always drag the other candidate through the mad ?

Ed G.

I hope that all of the people that voted for Obama just because Bruce Springsten or Opra or other Hollywood figures were behind him and it was the "in" thing to do are ready. The fact is he WILL bring change if elected. I do not believe he is a Muslam but he is not a Christian either. He is worse. He is a socialist. Adolf Hitler brougt change to the 92 percent of the Jews that supported him and brought him into power. About 6 million of them. Another history figure Lenin once said about Socialism. The goal of Socialism is Communism. So America, be ready for the change. This is not about black or white. It is about a man that is a Alinsky Socialist. My write in vote went to Hilery Clinton.

priscilla white

For starters I dont think that anyone should judge anyone on their ethnic back ground and asumme that they play with teriorist.I belive that Mccain will put us in more debt than we already are.He and Bush like to play together and there are some things that bush has done that are good but us peopple that are poor and struggle to get an eduction and work and provid for our children with not alot of money need change and someone who will work for us not against us.

Geri Andreas

1)      Yes. 
2) McCain. 
3) Between the two, Patriotism
4) No, voted for Rossi then also. 
5) Soon as I seen Obama's stance at the National Anthem.  
6) 1 week ago. 
I find it hard to believe that Americans would even consider someone that is so unPatriotic as Obama as a leader of this country. 
Won't put his hand over his heart at the singing of the National Anthem. Would not wear a US Flag pendent on his lapel, hangs with terrorists and the likes of Khalidi. Whos wife is only now proud of America. 
What are people thinking??

robert mcguire

2-my business 
3-persoms i thought would serve my country and communit and safety best 
5-months ago 
6-1 week ago 
i feel we as a nation go back to polling places in person, with LEGAL I. DS to be verified by qualified workers 
this election was and is a travesty and history will show probably clear criminal voting

D. Donaldson

I am so glad that this election is almost over. Both sides have spent way too much money as well as too much time!!..There should be a limit on money and time spent on campaign. If they want to spend more money, then donate to a worthwhile causes. The only ones coming out of all of this is the news media, both TV and printed matter.