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YAKIMA, Wash-- People from all over the state are gathering in Yakima for one of the longest running conferences held at the Yakima Convention Center.

Believe it or not over 600 people gathered today all for one topic, controling weeds.

Its an aspect of farming, cattle ranching and land managemant that people outside of the industry take for granted. The goal of the convention is to share the latest information about controling weed growth. We're not talking your average dandilions, but plants that if go unmanaged will ruin crops. 

Yakima not only makes a great location for the conference because of all of the agriculture, but it's also centraly located. 

"You know its just central for a lot of folks for myself this morning ya it's a couple...but for a ;pt pf pthers it 2 hours or shorter."

and following election night some of the talk got political.
     Elected officials play a huge role in industry regulation and one key-note speaker explained what the election results mean for farmers and others who need to manage foliage.

Now there's two more days of the conference if your interested in weed management.