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Road 68 Still Congested With New Free Right Lanes

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PASCO, Wash-- New turn lanes are helping with traffic on Road 68 but there is still room for more improvements. There needs to be sidewalks so pedestrians can safely get over the overpass.

Right now there's not enough room for bikers and walkers to get through that intersection. The DOT says they want to do this but they don't have enough money.

The new turn lanes are making traffic merging from Interstate 182 flow smoother.

"When you get off Interstate 182 going west to Road 68 you don't have to stop. It's a free movement just to get rid of congestion," said Moe Davari, DOT Project Engineer.

Before the free right turn lanes, traffic would be awful during events at the TRAC.

"It would back up at time all the way into the interstate," said Davari.

Some drivers think more needs to be done to help reduce traffic.

"The road is overly congested morning, noon, and night and needs some serious repairs," Brent Richardson, driver and lives in Pasco.

One of the problems is lane changes, there are different businesses and housing developments on both sides of the road causing drivers to have to quickly change lanes to get to.

"It's kind of freaky trying to get merged over into your lane and watch out for other people and get to where your going," said Sarah Reeser.

It's also hard for pedestrians to safely cross through the overpass.

"The project that we just constructed did not include sidewalks as part of the project, the main thing is there was no money to build sidewalks. We would have liked to build sidewalks," said Davari.

Sidewalks on the overpass and more lanes are just some of the projects DOT hopes to do in the future.

A DOT engineer says they want to put a third lane off of Interstate 182 onto Road 68. This lane would be controlled by a traffic light. It would help with traffic that wants to make a left on Burden so there are not so many lane changes.