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High Winds Cause Problems For Garbage Truck Drivers in Richland

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RICHLAND, Wash.-- It's the aftermath of a windy day. Fallen garbage cans lining the streets, were the scene in most parts of Richland.

But for those who clean up after the mess, it's nothing new.

"A lot of garbage knocked over, when we pick up the containers we see leaves flying, garbage flying if it's not bagged, it's something we deal with every day," said Les Nield, Garbage Truck Driver with the City of Richland.

Les Nield has worked with the city for 25 years, and tells us friend or foe, the wind is always blowing trouble.

"We have about 400 to 500 cans that we pick up a day, and I'd say about a third of them are down," said Nield.

Getting in and out of the truck to pick them up isn't just time consuming, it could lead to an accident.

"After a while you can get opportunities for accidents, and what not, so you have to be careful," said Nield.

But knocked over garbage cans are just part of the problem.

"People call up and say that their container is missing, and want us to fix it for them, but you know we just tell them to look at the neighbor's, it's probably over there," said Nield.

It's gusty weather and mother nature is to blame.

"It's a continuous struggle, there's nothing we can do about the wind, we can't control it, we just do the best that we can, and try to get everything off the streets as we can," said Nield.