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Well Known Tri-City Defense Attorney Called-Up to Afghanistan

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KENNEWICK, Wash-- Well known local defense attorney Kevin Holt says he's leaving his practice for six months to do something he's always dreamed of.

Holt was called-up by the army reserves to do a six month tour of Afghanistan. Many people wouldn't think a defense attorney would still be a reservist, but Holt says being in the army is a hobby something he's been inspired to do since he was a boy scout.

"My mom's calling it a mid-life crisis you know why do you have to have a mid-life crisis and go to afghanistan," said Holt.

A flag with only forty-two stars, Nazi helmets, and Civil War uniforms, these are just a few of Holt's extensive collection. He's never wanted to leave the army, it's his passion.

"Actually I enjoy it I mean it's kind of a hobby for me. It's what I've done on the weekends with my spare time as opposed to playing golf," said Holt.

He has taken on some of the biggest cases in the Tri-Cities, representing Kevin Hilton, Mark Tucker, and Vicente Ruiz's multiple murder case. He says this six month tour will be like a vacation.

"Lot's of people think there's kind of a difference between being a defense attorney and being in the military. But it really isn't that far off because both jobs you have one objective. In the military we swear to defend The Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic as a defense attorney I defend The Constitution every single day," said Holt. 

He's in an intelligence unit at Fort Lewis and knew at some point he'd have to do a tour in Afghanistan once there he will help train the Afghan Military it will be a big change for his side-kick, his daughter.

"I've been a daddy's girl forever, it's been he and I for 23 years," said Angie Holt.

Holt leaves next week for Kabul Afghanistan, while there his practice will stay open. Attorney Todd Harms will be taking all of his court appointed cases.