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West Richland Residents Talk About Waiting For Ambulance Services

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WEST RICHLAND, Wash.-- For a city going up in population, it's a bit of a let down.

"We held so many community meetings and really only had a few people stand up and say no, not the right time not the right tax," said Fire Chief Mike Spring, from Benton County Fire District 4.

Spring says 54% of people voted Yes on the EMS levy, and on the bond 56% of people also voted Yes. So why didn't it pass?

"Even though it got a majority of the vote, it needed 60%, it needed the super majority," said Spring.

Terry Bouslaugh, a 30-year-resident, says her city is in dire need.

"The ambulance is something that's been needed for a long time," said Bouslaugh, a West Richland resident.

Right now West Richland relies on ambulance services from Richland and Benton City. But in case of an emergency, the travel time can make a big difference.

"My husband fell and hit his head was unconscious before the ambulance could get here. There was another time when we thought he was having a heart attack, and again it was lost time," said Bouslaugh.

Passing the levy and bond, means higher property taxes. For many an extra $10 a month.

"The economics are pretty tough right now, and I believe that maybe what really did, do us in, were the economics," said Spring.

But like Bouslaugh, many think it's worth the price.

"Something that is important as an ambulance service, I'm willing to pay that additional tax," said Bouslaugh.