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WSU Tri-Cities Bio Lab Hopes to Make the Fuel of the Future

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RICHLAND, Wash-- Research scientists have moved all the way from Denmark to set up the new bio-engineering lab at the WSU Tri-Cities campus.

World renowned scientist, Dr. Birgitte Ahring is Director and Distinguished Professor of the Bioproducts Center.

"We are going to make the fuel for the future we are going to make new chemicals, we are going to prepare America for the age after oil has been depleted," said Ahring.

The State of Washington invested almost $25 million to build the lab and start the research. PNNL then moved in 50 scientists, and now there are international scholars also from Denmark.

"I like doing this cause it's going to change the world. It's going to change the way that we think energy. Today we have the energy for transportation from fossil fuels, we have it from oil and this presents an opportunity to change that," said Philip Teller, R&D Scientist BioGasol.

"I thought it was a great opportunity to be able to assist in setting up these labs and be part of this whole growing field of bio-ethanol and renewable energies. It's the second generation of bio-fuel we work with and a lot of money is being put into this, so this is where the action is going to be," said Annette Sorensen, Ph.D. Student and Researcher.

The Danish researchers will be here for atleast two years, they hope to deliver breakthrough science and technology.