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Checking ID When Paying With A Credit Card Not Required By Law in Tri-Cities

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- For many shoppers paying with cash is a thing of the past.

"I would say probably the majority of ours pay with debit card," said Susan Comb, with Tri-City Cleaners.

Susan Combs says the Tri-City Cleaners has been around for 25 years. With so many familiar faces, she usually doesn't check for ID.

"Mostly because what we have are return customers, so we know them, so we don't check ID," said Combs.

One restaurant in Kennewick also has a familiar crowd. One waitress tells us she only checks for ID when needed.

"Especially when it says see id on it, sometimes I do not though because it gets kind of busy around here, and that can get pretty hectic," said Stacey Berglund, a waitress at Backbone.

Police say checking for someone's ID at the register is not required by law.

"It's good business though, you should be asking for that ID, to make sure that person in front of you is the owner of that credit card" said David Yates, a Detective with the Pasco Police Department.

Paying with the plastic could mean a higher risk for identity theft. It's common knowledge for many customers.

"And they're always willing to give up their ID, I haven't had any that just say, what do you want to see it for," said Berglund.

But police say that's not always the case.

"People will get yelled at by customers, I come here all the time, you shouldn't be doing this to me, and actually what they're trying to do is protect them," said Yates.