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10-Year-Old Tri-Cities Gymnast is one of The Best in the Nation

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RICHLAND, Wash. -- Sometimes people inspire you with their hard work and dedication. One 10-year-old girl can do that for just about anyone. Many people are looking for that thing that makes them happy. They may look for it in a job or in a relationship. Some people look for years.

Which is why it is rare that a 10-year-old has already found it. Taylor Bacon says, "Ever since I started it I loved it."

Bacon has been flipping on balance beams, swinging on bars, and tumbling on floors since she was 5. She is called the squirrel. Bacon says, "They say it's because I look like a squirrel and sometimes I talk too fast. "

Taylor has now qualified for the national team as one of the top 20 10-year-old gymnasts in the nation.  Coach Joe Softich says, "When you say this is important, she does it, and that has led her to have the discipline she has now."

On Wednesday, Taylor leaves for a national camp where she will be taught by national coaches.Is she nervous to be in front of all the people? No, he just pictures audiences as fish sticks.  She says, "I think of them as yellow and crunchy."

Taylor has her eyes set on the Olympics, but for now, she is just having fun.  She says, "Gymnastics is something not everyone can do and I so I am happy that I can and have the skills to do it."

Taylor's smile tells the story. Her happy place is in a gym, swinging through the air.