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Pear Tree Place Offers Support for Recovering Addicts

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YAKIMA, Wash - Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a life-long challenge and addicts say their environment is a big influence.

"When the environment doesn't have alcohol and drugs constantly, wouldn't you feel safer and more able to stay away from it?"

Kerry is one of the tenants at Pear Tree Place, one of Yakima's only apartment complexes that requires tenants be sober for at least a year before moving there. Kerry says Pear Tree is more than just her home, its a support group.

"If your head starts spinning all you have to do is walk to a neighbors house and knock on the door and say I need to talk and they say okay, come in."

But when temptation gets harder to fight, the director steps in. Tenants at Pear Tree sign waivers and are given breathilizer and urine tests randomly every month or so.

"I just knock on door and ask for a UA and if they refuse that's grounds for eviction."

Only two tenants were evicted, but there have been a few cases of people caught drinking or doing drugs.

"You never know what its going to take for that person to recover but it theres willingness we're gonna work with them."

The director says they've been so successful that they're expanding the facility and adding 12 more units to the area.

The expansion will break ground at the end of this month...and the new units are expected to be finished by early september.