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Tips to Avoid Weight Gain Over the Holidays

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YAKIMA, Wash.--  Holiday season is officially here, And tis' the season for big meals and snacks around the office.  For many people, that means weight gain.  

Big family meals, that plate of cookies sitting in the break-room at work, the peppermint chocolate candies on your co-workers desk are all temptations around the holidays, and all also lead to weight gain. 

The health and wellness director at the YMCA, Laura Menke, says the key is moderation.  Let yourself have a cookie, but don't have three.  Also, use portion control during big family meals.

She says don't skip meals or go to a dinner starving, then you're more likely to over-eat or binge on unhealthy foods. Menke also suggests sneaking exercise into family time.  She explains, "If they're hanging out with their family and friends, they can always grab them, and take them for a 10 minute brisk walk or maybe even go shopping.   Power shopping is good exercise.  Laughing is good exercise too.  It burns calories and you're having a good time with family and friends."