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Gas Stations Make More With Lower Gas Prices

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Gas Prices since July have dropped almost $3, so you can imagine how much this has affected our pockets. We asked gas pumpers whether they thought gas stations made more money when prices were higher or lower.

"I don't think they make more when they are high or low. I think they still make the same profit off each gallon I think the price for them just gets cheaper," said one gas pumper.

"I would think gas stations make more money when prices are lowering," said another gas pumper.

So when do they make more money? The average gas station is making more profits with the lower prices. Since mid-July gas prices have fallen 55 percent but wholesale prices, which is what station owners pay have dropped 68 percent.

"Well lower price is good at least I don't have to count $30,000, I can count only $15,000 cause the price is cheap now," said Shyan Din, Owner of Mid-Columbia Grocery.
Din owns one of the cheapest stations to buy gas in the Tri-Cities. He says what he likes the most about the lower prices is there's less accounting to do.

"The thing I don't understand is why there's such a discrepancy between here and up town. I mean it doesn't make a lot of sense," said a confused Mid Columbia Grocery gas pumper.

While other local stations make more profit per-gallon because their prices are higher, Din's station is privately owned, has less costs than franchises, and he can buy gas from any supplier.