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Black Widow Spider Found in Bag of Grapes

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WEST RICHLAND, Wash. - A West Richland family gets a startling surprise when a black widow spider crawls out of a their grapes.

The mother Brandy Hickey tells me she bought a bag of grapes at Yokes Fresh Market in West Richland and put them in her fridge.  After a week she washed them, and gave them to her son and two neighbor boys to eat.  Soon after, the boys said one of the grapes started to crawl.  That's when they yelled for mom who discovered a black widow spider sitting right where the boys fingers were holding the grapes moments before. 
The experience did not sit well for the frightened mother. 

"I washed these grapes thoroughly and there is still black widows burrowed in them cause their cold and they want to find a place to hide.  And your kids are going to eat them without acknowledging the fact that there is a black widow in there," said Brandy Hickey.

The boys said they think the experience was both cool and gross, but say they'll be sure to check there grapes better next time.

Spiders and other bugs can be found in the bags of grapes at any grocery store because grapes come packaged already in bags, then put directly in the produce section, making the fruit a delicious but sometimes risky snack.