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Driving With Snow Piled On Your Car Is Illegal in Tri-Cities

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- The roads may seem more clear of snow than on Monday, but you should still be careful behind the wheel.

It looks like a lot of the streets have been plowed now, but it's the ice underneath that'll make you to skid.

You may think you're driving on dry pavement, but not just yet. We talked to the state patrol to get some tips for drivers.

One thing they mention is to warm up your car for up to 20 to 30 minutes, and take off all the snow

"The roads look like there's nothing on there, they look dry, you don't see any snow, doesn't look wet, they're iced," said Sergeant Zach Elmore, with the Washington State Patrol.

"You gotta be able to see out of your windows, both front and rear," said Elmore.

"If you have a bunch of snow piled on the roof of your car, that's also illegal, because that's going to blow and cover your windshield," said Elmore.

Sergeant Elmore says having snow on your car while driving can leave you with a $124 ticket.

If you get in an accident while there's snow on your car, that ticket could potentially go up to $178.