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2008 HydroINSIDER.com Annual Awards

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The 4th annual HydroINSIDER.com awards have been announced!  Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to the 385+ people that participated in the voting for this year.

 Steve David 52%
 Jean Theoret 16%
 Jeff Bernard 15%
 Brian Perkins 7%
 ...And one vote for Billy Venucci
 U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison 57%
 U-5/U-7 FormulaBoats.com 10%
 U-48/U-50 Lakeridge/Navy 10%
 U-37 Schumacher Racing 8%
 San Diego 36%
 Madison 22%
 Tri-Cities 22%
 Detroit 13%
 Brian Perkins 63%
 Kip Brown 23%
 Jimmy Shane 9%
 Ken Muscatel/Barb Cooper 31%
 Larry Oberto/Art Oberto 27%
 FormulaBoats/Ted Porter 25%
 Navy 8%
 ABRA/Sam Cole 6%
     Greg O'Farrell, Lamb Weston  
     Billy Schumacher, Chip Hanauer  
     KNDU, HydroINSIDER.com  
     Navy, Kim Gregory, Boeing  
 Mike Hanson 55%
 Scott Raney 16%
 Jim LaBrie 16%
 Tom Alderson 14%
 U-6 wins Championship 69%
 Final at Madison/U-5 wins 12%
 Villwock Returns 5%
 Perkins wins 1st Heat 4%
 Seattle/San Diego Controversy 2%
 San Diego Finals 2%

We always have an OPEN AWARD category, where fans are encouraged to come up with their own award and winner.  It's always interesting, sometimes edgy, and our favorite part of the voting... regardless of how you feel about them.

Here are the awards and winners, as nominated by the fans.  Remember, the views expressed are not necessarily those of HydroInsider.com etc.......


  • Most Aggressive Driver:  Jeff Bernard
  • Most Historic:  U-37 & Vintage Bardahl together on Lake Sammamish
  • Rising Star:  Brian Perkins
  • Most Confusing Rule:  On-Plane
  • Lifetime Achievement:  Kim Gregory
  • Lifetime of Dedication:  Roger Newton
  • Best All-Around Race Staff:  San Diego
  • Best Photographer:  Bill Osborne, Chris Denslow, Jim Crisp, Jim Simpson
  • Best Paint Job:  U-10, U-37
  • Best Media:  KNDU
  • Arch Nemesis Award:  Jeff Bernard - an able foil to Steve David's championship quest
  • Best Radio Station:  WORX
  • Biggest Waste of Time Award:  All the consolation heats
  • Tireless Worker Ward:  Wes Patton
  • "You Called What?!?" Award:  ABRA
  • Official of the Year:  Ted Grange
  • Bad Sport of the Year:  All the fans on the internet ripping each other
  • "I'm Disgusted" Award:  Sam Cole for his diatribe ripping fans, drivers, referees and the internet.  Really not a wise idea to rip your shrinking fan base no matter how silly they are acting.
  • Best Team Girls:  Jerky Girls
  • Stupid Rule Award:  On-Plane Rule
  • Overcoming Adversity Award:  U-7 team
  • Most Blown Engines:  U-3
  • Hard Luck Award:  U-37, U-48
  • Best Ambassador:  Steve David
  • "Steve David" Fan Friendly Driver Award:  Brian Perkins
  • Sponsor of the Year:  Oberto, Lamb Weston
  • Best Writer:  Mark Campbell, Madison Courier
  • Best Fans:  Unlimiteds Detroit for 40 years of support