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Slow Down When Driving in Snow Towards An Intersection

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TRI-CITIES, Wash-- Police say many snow driving accidents happen at intersections with traffic signals where the light turns red and oncoming traffic can't stop in time. Regardless if there is a green light ahead of you slow down when driving up to an intersection. 

Thursday, many drivers called 911 because they thought traffic signals were not staying green long enough. Police say that's not the case. It takes cars longer to go through the light in the snow. 

Try not to get impatient. When approaching an intersection come to a complete stop by slowing down, not relying on your brakes. That's where skidding is most common and you might slide into oncoming traffic if you don't. 

Another thing you need to watch out for is garbage cans. Garbage trucks are on their same schedule despite the weather.

"We're picking up everyday doesn't matter if there is snow or not except the area that the truck can't make it up the hill you know, even though we chained up all our trucks some hills we make it up," said Joe Saythaey, Garbage Truck Driver.

Don't let the snow cause you to forget to take your garbage out. Try to get the snow off it ... This will help the garbage drivers. Slow down when you see a garbage truck ahead of you. They drive in a stop and go manner, so be cautions when driving near them