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Gov. Declares State of Emergency in WA, Conditions Could Get Worse

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WASHINGTON ST-- Governor Chris Gregorie declares a state of emergency as almost every county has record snowfalls. Conditions could get worse across Eastern Washington. KNDU talked to local law enforcement to see how this could effect the Tri-Cities.

In a state of emergency state agencies will free up money for local emergency management. That means Benton County Emergency Services and city works departments will have faster access funds. 

The governor appoints an emergency council that makes management decisions. Gregoire issued a ten day, temporary, waiver to the law that limits the amount of time truck drivers can haul milk. This is to avoid $1 million in losses if milk failed to reach dairies within the time limits. 

Kennewick police sergant says the most important thing people need to do is slow down when driving. Most of the problems from the snow come from losing control from driving in slick road conditions.

"We have seen a number of collisions throughout the area due to the snow and drivers not slowing down. When you're on foot a lot of the sidewalks are covered in snow and you cannot negotiate these very well so if you are on the streets we caution you to look out for traffic be aware of your surroundings," said Sgt. Chris Walter, Kennewick Police Department.

In Seattle no parking tickets have been issued since the snow storm first hit, but that's mainly because the scooters the parking enforcement officers use don't work so well in the snow.