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Scammer Goes for Account Info Via Text Messaging

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YAKIMA, Wash-- We want to warn you about the latest credit card scam hitting Yakima. This scammer goes for your information via text message.

Kathy Peterson was traveling Monday morning when she received two text messages from an unfamiliar sender. It said her account at Yakima Valley Credit Union was closed due to low activity. The catch is she hasn't had an accout at the Credit Union in years. 

She thought maybe it was a mistake, but then her husband called and said he'd received the same text messages. Kathy called the number from the texts, the recorded message asked for her credit card number and personal information. She knew something was up.  

"I thought this is really weird so I put my glasses on so I could read it and it's the Credit Union and I'm thinking what the hay? It just didn't make any sense," said Peterson.

Kathy went to the Credit Union, turns out she wasn't the only one. Moments earlier someone else had complained about receiving the same messages. Now the Credit Union has placed a scam warning on their Web site.

It's important to know that the Yakima Valley Credit Union does not use text messaging to contact customers.