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Out of Control Texting Reported More and More Throughout The Country

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - How much does your teen text?  Some doctors are concerned too many text messages could have negative, long-term effects.

Pediatrician Doctor Sharon Ahart said she thinks all this text messaging could have an effect on a child's social development, spelling and said it feeds into the constant need for immediate gratification in our society.  

Kennewick teen Taylor Price said she sends about 500 text messages a day.  One month she said there were 30,000 text messages on her bill.

16-Year-Old J.J. Acevedo sent so many text messages his mother took action once she saw the bill.  He said the bill was 600 bucks.  He said, "I just laughed but I couldn't do anything I was grounded.... I told her to buy unlimited texting." She also took his phone away permanently.

Ahart said, "In some cases it's out of control, when they put the unlimited texting in that's when the problems really started.... I think we should teach our children how to communicate one on one with that human contact not just through that electronic connection."

Price said, "I look at my phone all the time for a text, even when I know I don't have one.  If I get a text I stop talking, and focus on my texting."

Ahart said, "We don't talk and write the same way and that's where the problem comes in."

The doctor said there is a time and place for texting but she thinks children are doing it too much and that parents need to monitor what their kids are up to.