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More Money To Many Living On Unemployment In The Tri-Cities Could Come Soon

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- More and more people in Washington are filing for unemployment benefits.

In December reports show more than 90,000 applications. At WorkSource hundreds look for a job every day.

"For the month of January it was 650 or higher a day, so the numbers are going up, more people are coming in," said Candice Bluechel, with WorkSource.

One of those people is Diane Medick, who has been looking for seven weeks.

"I'm looking for office administration office manager, secretarial, in the office, computer work, busy work," said Medick.

For the last two weeks Diane has been collecting unemployment benefits.

"I just got my first check last week, it was for $533," said Medick.

It's people like Diane who could be getting an added $45 dollars a week pretty soon.

"It means that I can pay an extra bill, the phone bill, the water bill, those types of things you know, you just don't want to get behind any further than you are," said Medick.

But while Diane is trying to get by others like Samantha Phillips, who applied for benefits were denied.

"They did consider giving it to me but I didn't meet the qualifications, supposedly I am able to get it now, but you have to make so much, but since I haven't been working I don't qualify to get it," said Phillips.

With no steady income, she's had to cut back to the basics.

"You learn to live without the things that you don't need, like turning the extra phone off or cable, you don't need that stuff, you have movies or you read, or whatever," said Phillips.