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Many Thieves Going After Boat Motors in Kennewick

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Police say if you have a boat parked outside your house you could be at risk of getting robbed.

Thieves are going after outboard motors in boats. Police say it's not exactly a new crime, but it's still a crime of opportunity.

Officers say motors can be sold for cash or traded, anywhere from five hundred dollars to up in the thousands.

Sergeant Randy Maynard says boat owners should take some steps to protect themselves.

"If you can park your boat and motor in a secure facility, whether that's a garage or a storage unit," said Maynard.

"Go buy a padlock and a chain or a cable, and chain that boat motor to the boat itself, chain the trailer that the boat is on to some sort of permanent object in your yard," said Maynard.

Sergeant Maynard also says if you're not using your boat right now, take the motor off.