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Converter Boxes and TVs Selling Before DTV Switch

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KENNEWICK, Wash.--  The switch to digital television seems to be boosting sales for some electronics stores.  Sales managers and associates at a few different stores in the Tri-Cities say both new TVsand converter boxes have been flying off the shelves the past week.

Wal-Mart sells both the digital items, and the sales manager says converter box sales have been steady for the past few months, and TV sales have picked up over the past week.

Most TVs sold after March 2007 were all digital, meaning you won't need a converter box to get the digital signal.  So many people have been opting for a new TV instead of a converter box. Wal-Mart customer, Michael Hlawek, is one of those who says he didn't want to deal with getting a converter box and a coupon, so he just got a new TV.  He explains, "We didn't want to handle dealing with all that.  It's a lot easier and quicker just to buy one."

The sales manager isn't sure if there will be a last minute rush Tuesday night before all Tri-Cities stations switch or if they'll be busy tomorrow when analog viewers rush in to upgrade.