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Multiple Arrests Including Teens After An Undercover Drug Operation Near Pasco High School

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PASCO, Wash.--  For the last couple months Pasco police officers have been going undercover buying drugs from two houses in Pasco. 

Police have now confiscated marijuana, along with hydrocodone and oxycodone from these locations.

One house is just a quick walk from Pasco High School, where police arrested one woman.

KNDU talked to the woman who was arrested at the house on 10th Avenue. She says she's 56 years old and has a prescription for hydrocodone because of her arthritis. For police it's a different story.

"It is safe to assume that no one including those that delivered the oxycodone and hydrocodone had prescriptions to possess them," said Captain Jim Raymond, with the Pasco Police Department.

Most of those arrested are under 18. Police say they are potential students at Pasco High School.

The Pasco School District says they want students to be safe and will continue to work with police on these issues.

But they couldn't confirm or deny if those arrested were students.

"Well people shouldn't jump to conclusions, period," said Courtney Stenson, with the Pasco School District.

At the second house on West Park Street, KNDU talked to one man who was arrested and then released. 

"I understand that it's bad what I had, and what I was doing or whatever, but there's people out there that have bigger quantity I guess you could say, that do it as a job," said the man, who didn't want to be identified.

This man admits he had marijuana but says it wasn't enough to do any harm.

"Half a zip lock bag, little sandwich bag," he said.

He claims he wasn't selling, but still police say he was somehow connected.

"Those residents that were searched had a connection to the activities that were taking place on the street corner near the high school," said Raymond.

School District staff say none of the illegal activity happened on school property.

Police say there are a few more people to be arrested in connection with the operation. Some of the charges include drug possession and delivery.