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The Art of the Face-Off

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The Americans have been putting the puck in the net like few others can. They rank 5th in the WHL in goals scored.

But how do many of these scoring opportunities start? They start with the face-off, of course.

Tri-City Americans Captain Taylor Procyshen says, "The face-off is where possession takes place. If you win it, you've got control and if you lose it, it seems like your chasing the puck down the ice."

And there is of course, an art to the face-off.

Ams Forward Kruise Reddick says, "There's so many things you can do."

Ams Forward Johnny Lazo says, "Sometimes you want to give them a little slash, a little subtle slash in there and kind of get in his head a little bit."

Reddick says, "Push your stick that way, swing your body around."

Lazo says, "Maybe kick it back to the defense or just snap it back clean."

Reddick says, "It can be really frustrating at times but when your on, it can really help your team."

But like anything else, there is a right way and wrong way to approach the face-off. A player can get booted from the circle for a variety of reasons.

Procyshen says, "Cheating gets you kicked out. If you move your stick before the other guy; there's a lot of things that can get you kicked out."

You can also be kicked out of a face-off for not putting your body square to the center spot or for anything that gives you an unfair advantage.

Hopefully, the Ams can win the face-offs and with that win the games they need to down the stretch.