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The City of Yakima Disappointed By Stimulus Shortfall

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YAKIMA, Wash-- There was a tone of disappointment as Yakima's Mayor Dave Edler announced Yakima County's portion of the national stimulus package. 

At an estimated $3.75 million towards road improvements for all of Yakima County, the amount is a real shortfall for the city.

"To hear that we're all going to be fighting over 3.7 million is very disappointing news," said Edler.

The city had hoped to fund several large projects and in turn create construction jobs. The railroad grade separation project, downtown revitalization phase four and road improvements on Nob Hill Blvd.

The price tag on some of these projects isn't met by the 3.75 million. But, that isn't even a factor because the money won't likely go to the City of Yakima alone.

Hopes were high for President Obama's stimulus package. However, with cities like Yakima all over the nation hoping for their slice of the pie, well the slices get quite thin.

Some people are concerned the money isn't be split-up fairly as it trickles down from the federal government, to the state and then to smaller communities.

"I think it's that way because we're Eastern Washington. We're not as big as they are on the other side where they think they need all the money," said Arnold McBean, Yakima resident.

McBean said he's not sure the stimulus package was the way to go. 

But, anyway you slice it the City of Yakima is going to have to come up with it's own plan.

"When you're planning on others to do things for you, which we tend to do, we seem to think there's all of these dollars that should come our way. They just don't and we're going to have to do a lot of these things ourselves," said Edler.

Now this portion of the stimulus money is meant to go towards road improvements. Others agencies will be heading back to Olympia to work for stimulus money related to education and social services.