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Gas Prices are Hurting Local Businesses

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YAKIMA, Wash.- Gas prices are up 40 cents from last month and they're expected to keep rising.  The average price per gallon in Yakima is $2.12 today.

We all have to fill up to get around town, but with the rising prices money is starting to add up. This is how people feel.

"Why? Why are they going up?" said Kim Crider.

"Not happy," said Laurie Caldwell.

"That is irritating," said Crider.

Charlotte Gerdis and her husband own a small trucking company and fill up their truck everyday. For them high gas prices means much more.

"It just means struggling, we are struggling," said Gerdis.   

Charlotte and her husband say the economy has hit them hard.

"There's such an abundance of trucks out there that everyone is kind of lowering rates," said Gerdis.

With gas prices going up, Charlotte says they are worried.

This is our livelihood, this is how we make a living and when fuel goes up yes it definitely hurts us," said Gerdis.

Their company, S & C Transportation, uses five trucks that each take 100 gallons worth of gas.

"You're looking at 600 to 700 bucks," said Gerdis.

This is just one of their daily bills. Charlotte says the rising gas prices have a domino effect, both on her business and on the community.

"You ask shippers for more money then they higher their prices then that goes to the grocery stores, etc, etc," said Gerdis.

Like many people in the area, Charlotte says she hopes the prices don't keep going up.

"I just hope they don't get back to 5 dollars," said Gerdis.