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Good Samaritans Awarded for Saving a Man's Life

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YAKIMA, Wash.- Hundreds of people are CPR certified, James Mabry is one of them. But James isn't like most people. Driving down I-97, James' years of training actually became a reality, when he pulled up to fort road and saw Antonio Botello in his truck.

"Then he kind of launched backwards and he was keeled over to the side and then when he did that his foot came off the brake so he started idling across 97,"said James Mabry.  

The light was red and luckily there were no cars, but James didn't take that chance.

"I put my four-way flashers on to guard his truck from oncoming traffic," said Mabry.

Botello's truck crossed four lanes of traffic then stopped, crashing into this fence.

"You could see him gasping for breath, an obvious sign of cardiac arrest," said Mabry.

James says his years of c-p-r training kicked in immediately

"I yelled to see if he was coherent, sir, are you okay? No...I pulled him out, laid him down and then I checked for the carotid arteries, a pulse, listen for air, then clean his airway and started CPR," said Mabry.  

Gloria Mabry called 911

"It took about a good 5 minutes of CPR before he started gasping again for breath," said Mabry.

That's when Ryan Schwartz showed up, helping James perform CPR until help arrived.

"They told me to continue what I was doing, until they were ready," said Mabry.

With five years of training, October 19th, 2008 was the first time James ever actually used his skills.

"He's alive. It came out alright," said Mabry.

James Mabry, his wife Gloria, and Ryan Schwartz didn't hesitate to respond. Together, they all saved Antonio, and that's why they are all real heroes.