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Coffee Shops Stirs-up Controversy

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YAKIMA, Wash-- Downtown Yakima is evolving, from new businesses to a booming wine industry. Coffee is another downtown favorite. While many people like their's on ice, others like it hot.

"We want to keep it a little more classy you know. Leave a little to the imagination," said Brittany Leman, barista, Moulin Brew.     

19-year-old Brittany likes to serve-up her coffee, with a double shot of attitude and sass. It's all pitched in a skimpy baseball uniform. 
"Who's your favorite baseball team? I know playgirls," she says to a customer.

Not everyone's a sports fan. Elliot Robertson questions how these stands affect Yakima's image.

"What kind of message is that sending? Like what kind of message is that sending to people in the community as far as what's acceptable. And what kind of messages is it sending to people we want in our community?" said Robertson.

There are three coffee shops in town where steamed milk isn't the only hot item on the menu. All have baristas making the coffee a little extra sweet these days.

"Mmm!, doesn't that look good," said Leman.

"There's a time and a place, I mean lingerie doesn't belong in an establishment that serves food and beverages to people," said Robertson.

Leman said that both men and women are supportive of the coffee shop. "Everyone's really happy you know, they come and they compliment us. Tell us our coffees great and that our girls are great," she said.

"There's no classy, right minded woman that I know that's going to go to one of these establishments," said Robertson.

It's coffee, caffeine and girls, all percolating into a strong "brew"haha that city council may have to digest.

The city's legal department has investigated a couple of complaints and found no problems. Yakima does have a decency code, but so far none of the coffee stands have been cited for violating the law.