Ashley Nanfria is a Northern California native. Born and raised in the central valley, she went on to finish a Bachelor's degree in Journalism at Sacramento State University. Stingers up!

Growing up, Ashley was the girl who asked too many questions. Never quite satisfied with simply knowing what, she always had to know how, why and where. That curiosity is what led her to pursue a degree in Journalism, and ultimately, to Washington!

Before making the move up to the Tri-Cities, Ashley interned at KCRA 3-TV in Sacramento which affirmed her passion for TV news. She found herself having to be in the know of stories on her days off and looking forward to Monday mornings. She's not crazy..  Ashley just loves what she does! 

Ashley loves getting into new adventures with friends, traveling to various countries, and taking photographs of her adventures along the way.  

She can't wait to get to meet the people of the Pacific Northwest community and explore Washington. 

If you have a story idea or just want to say hello, you can contact her at or call her at (509) 947-5248. You can also check out her Facebook page or Twitter

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