OREGON STATE - As millions of acres continue to burn across the West Coast causing severe damage in Washington, California and Oregon, today Governor Kate Brown says she is asking President Trump to declare a major disaster in the state of Oregon. 


So far officials are confirming 10 fire related deaths in Oregon, and say 12 others have been reported missing from the fires. 


In just one week more than 900 hundred thousand acres have burned, as dry conditions and heavy winds made it tough for firefighters to compete with the flames. 


However, moving forward weather conditions are expected to cool off and allow for humidity to set in. Chief of Fire Protection, Doug Grafe says the outlook is hopeful.


"I am concerned again with those winds and I have highlighted where we have some risk, but overall relative to what's on the landscape- [we are] moving forward favorably, that's because of coordinated efforts across all jurisdictions," said Grafe.



Right now more than 5,600 firefighters are the ground, some coming in from across the U.S and even Canada to help fight these fires.


As wildfires rage on many others are turning to recovery mode. Governor Kate Brown says she has set up a statewide community rebuilding fund for those who were hit the hardest.


"Our communities across Oregon are suffering right now. The wildfires burning our state are compounding hardships for our Latinx, and undeserved communities in Southern Oregon, rural Oregonians throughout the Sani Ann and McKenzie River Basin and the tribal community in Chiloquin," Brown said. 


State leaders are also extending an air quality advisory across the state, which is expected to last until Thursday.