Bombers Look to Unselfish Play

It's been a standout season for the River View Panthers, and especially for their star wide receiver: three-sport athlete with a 3.8 GPA, Cody Hand. With all the time he dedicates to sports, turns out they keep him on track.

‘[It] helps me make sure I got all my stuff in so I have my grades. Taught me work ethic, never to slack. Makes me want to be the best I can be and never settle,' says Hand.

A rarity among football players, he says math is his favorite subject and it makes football easier.

‘Numbers; if you have 8 men in the box it's harder to run, if they only rush 3 or 4 guys it's harder to pass,' says Hand.

An experienced senior leader, his teammates turn to him off the field, as well.

‘In chemistry this year, we were doing a difficult session at the beginning, so we went over to a teammate's house and they had questions, I helped them work it out and they actually got it quite well,' he says.

And with all this going for him, it's no surprise that college is the next step. He's staying in the northwest.

‘I would like to attend a D-3 school to play football, or any school, looking at Pacific University and University of Puget Sound,' he says.

But he knows who to thank for the success that he's had so far.

‘I want to thanks my parents for instilling me with hard work, teaching me to never settle,' he says.

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