Ageless Aviation takes seniors and vets for flights of their life

YAKIMA, WA - Lee Stuck is a decorated World War II veteran. At the age of 93, he's doing something he's never done before. He's flying in a 1944 Steerman plane that was used in World War II.

"I've been in a few small planes, but nothing of this era," Stuck said.

Stuck served a little more than two years as an assistant crew chief in the Air Force. Ageless Aviation Dreams Foundation provides flights for seniors and veterans like Stuck.

"Before, people came to them and asked them for their opinion and what they thought, and they were very valued," said Mike Sommers, an Ageless Aviation pilot. "They are still valued, but a lot of people have forgotten them."

The foundation started six years ago. To date, they have given about 2,700 flights in their three Steerman planes, including ten flights today. Some of the flights can be emotional roller coasters.

"They'll alternate sometimes between laughing and just having a great time and tears in their eyes, thinking about what they don't have the opportunity to do anymore," said Stuck.

The smile on Stuck's face says it all.

"I told the pilot it was a million dollar experience as far as I'm concerned," Stuck said.

If he had the chance, he'd do it again.

"Anytime, they're not going to do it again probably, but I would."

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