Ballots are still being counted in Yakima

YAKIMA, WA - The midterm elections were over a week ago, but more than 15,000 ballots in Yakima still haven't been counted. 

The Yakima County Auditor says it's not unusual for ballots to still be counted even a week after election day, because everything is done manually.

"Election day was a tremendous turn out. We're at about 28,000 left to count, we're pretty much on schedule, the fire slowed us down a day," said Charles Ross, Yakima County Auditor on Wednesday.

Ross says they are aiming to have all ballots counted by Friday. 

"This year one third of the total ballots came in on election day and our process is, usually on election day we try to be caught up that day, and then we just get buried with all of the ballots that come in on election day, and then we work through those. So, it's not unusual for us to be this many days out. By law we have until certification day," said Ross.

Certification day is on November 26th. Ross says this years voting numbers set record, out of 115,873 registered voters over 71,000 voted, which he says for a midterm election is a great turn out.

As ballots continue to be counted Ross says one thing is staying the same.

"When you look at the results, the way they are. All the contests tend to seem to be trending the same, so we're not seeing lots of changes in the percentages of the candidates," said Ross.

As for ballots that were mailed late Ross says they will try and reach out to those voters so that doesn't happen again.

Ross also says they will recommend voters put their phone number on their ballots, because it helps contact them if they need to.


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