Benton County Fire Danger Levels Rise to Moderate

BENTON COUNTY, Wash.-- The temperatures are rising outside and so is the fire danger. Benton County fire danger signs now say there is a moderate fire danger level.

That was just raised from a low danger level Tuesday and Benton County Fire District 1 says the change is coming earlier this year than normal.

The summer fire season is just around the corner, but the fire district says it's ahead of schedule because of the hot temperatures this week and limited winter moisture.

The fire district says fuel for the fire, like dry brush, is readily available in these weather conditions and they expect the fire season to start a month ahead of schedule.

"A few days of warm temperatures like what we're getting now and limited night time recovery of the humidities, especially as the evening temperatures start to go up as the summer comes on, we'll be bumping into the high and very high fire danger within just a matter of a few weeks probably," said Capt. Jeff Ripley, Benton County Fire District 1.

Right now, the forecast for this moderate fire danger level is expected to last through May 14th, but Ripley said that could quickly change.

Ripley wants people to be alert to the increased danger levels and practice precautions around fire and fire sensitive areas.

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