Bob Olson Parkway now open in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, WA - After lots of work and waiting, the Bob Olson Parkway is officially open.

This new five-lane road will go from Steptoe Street and the 10th Avenue roundabout to Sherman Street. 

Along with the added two lanes, they also put in curbs, sidewalks, streetlights, and more. This new route is especially important because it provides more connectivity between Highway 395 and State Route 240.

Today was all about honoring the man the road is named after: Bob Olson, who has certainly done his part in the community.

He's served 24 years on the Benton Franklin Council of Governments, serving four terms as president. He's also been the Chair of the Regional Service Transportation Committee that gives out millions of dollars for area transportation.

"It's not so much the added lanes and everything that make it so much safer," said Olson. "But what makes it safer is the cars we're taking off the other roads and that's what will make it safe."

This project was a top priority for the last couple of months, and they say it's going to provide a lot of new economic development opportunities. 

The road is open to traffic now while they finish up striping, putting up signs, and finishing up the landscaping.

Be aware though, this may cause some minor lane changes.

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