CBC students competing in NASA Mars rover competition

PASCO, WA - Today, Columbia Basin College High School Academy unveiled its Mars rover for a NASA competition in Alabama.

In anticipation for NASA's human exploration rover challenge in Huntsville, Alabama this April, the intellectual Space Hawks displayed their entry for the competition this afternoon at CBC's Center For Career and Technical Education.

150 teams from all over the country design, create, engineer and build a Mars rover.

These students put their blood, sweat and tears into this project, which, as mentor Jerry Hombel says, isn't easy but definitely worth it.

"It's tough, it provides these guys with an opportunity probably that's more important even than being in the classroom because they get to apply real stuff and make it work," Hombel said.

The objective of the two-day event is to promote interest in STEM education. These students applied to enter into the competition and will be the only school in the Pacific Northwest to participate. 

Students like Sharon Alfaro are proud to represent CBC HSA and know that their work is making a difference in helping future STEM-sters from reaching their potential.

"It's a challenge I appreciate, it's a challenge that keeps me going, it's a challenge that I really like," Alfaro said, "and that I'm working really hard to overcome and prove ourselves."

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