Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is looking to expand its facilities

CLE ELUM, WA - There are currently hundreds of chimpanzees stuck in laboratories here in the United States, and it's because there aren't enough resources to take them to forever homes.

This is why one sanctuary right here in Washington has decided to expand its facilities.

Reporter Haley Gibbs checked it out today and showed us what life is like on this inside of the "Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest", where people often see all of the bars and think how horrible of a life it would be to live behind them.

"In fact, it's like they are in prison," said Diana Goodrich with Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

But the reason this sanctuary in Cle Elum is different from a zoo or laboratory is that this place understands that this is not how these animals should live...but this is what's best for them.

"We recognize that even the best sanctuary is not ideal," Goodrich admitted. "We wish that they would have had the chance to live in the wild and never had to be in captivity at all, but we are making the most of it."

And they make the most of the chimps' situation through love, compassion, and respect.

"Our mission is to just give them this life that they never had before," Goodrich said, "and allow them to figure out what it is to be a chimpanzee and who they are as individuals."

Currently, the sanctuary has seven chimps, but they're looking to expand.

"A little over 600 to 700 chimps right now, waiting for sanctuary homes."

They want to be able to provide a caring home for them, so they are hoping to add more facilities for phase one of their expansion.

It's all part of the "Bring Them Home" campaign.

"They weren't treated fairly and we're trying to give them back a little bit of what they deserve," said Goodrich.

For more information, you can visit this website:

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