Columbia Basin Hearing Center Upgrades To New Building

KENNEWICK, WA - It's being touted as eastern Washington's 'premier hearing center.' Nearly 20 workers combined forces from two former locations into one new one. There are two waiting rooms (which is always stocked with snacks). There are several booths for consultations and a handful of professionals on staff every day which has cut down on wait times for patients. You can even walk-in for an appointment most days. 

The new facility on West Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick has been almost a year in the making and so far the owners say it's going 'so good.'

"It's huge. Plain and simple, we've outgrown our other spaces," said Shannon Aiello. "We went from 1,500 square feet in Richland and about 2,000 square feet in Kennewick to 5,000 square feet here and we have used every inch of it. I can't imagine how we functioned in the other offices."

You are invited to check it out for yourself at an open house on Saturday, January 27th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Columbia Basin Hearing Center is now located at 4015 W. Clearwater Avenue in Kennewick. 

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